Why Us

What should you know about us to buy a card from us?

We have the best collection of invitation cards.
We can print your card the way you see it, only limit is your imagination.
We deliver on time. No delays.

We consider our products as personal and special as you consider the occasion.
We understand that impressing you is not just a monthly target but our vision.

What makes us good at what we do?


No product is out for launch until we put ourselves in the customer's shoes and feel the occasion around us. Once we feel it, we cannot help but place a personal importance to your card. The team then strives to get everything right, by checking and double checking the tiniest of details across all dimensions (Quite literally) to make it just the way you want it. Design, printing, wrapping, delivery, post-delivery updates, in every action, we share the joy of your event.


We are a team put together by our passion to work first, strengths second and backed by professionalism in every step we take. This not only fuels us to feel good about what we do, but ensures the quality we wish to see in the outcome.


Our team is analogous to your experience of getting a card. Hand-sorted, classy, individualistic, emotional, from all over the country and clearly standing out amidst others. We come to office to remind ourselves that we are the customers trying to help those around us to avoid the problems we faced. We remind ourselves to make sure your shopping experience is the best.


This is what we do. Sit. Think. Create and curate a hundred creations to place That1Card on your hands.



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